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Elessa body shaping and toning by harnessing the power of ultrasound

Elessa performs body shaping and toning by harnessing the power of ultrasound. The patented, concave handpiece delivers two ultrasonic beans that converge deeply and safely within the tissue.  The targeted beams leave the surrounding structures undamaged, making Elessa painless with no post-procedure downtime.

Elessa is unique as it is an option for a full range of body types. There are no minimum BMIs that would preclude one from treatment. Elessa can also be used as a compliment to other shaping and toning procedures to get the most out of a body contouring regimen.

Results can be seen immediately after one treatment, with long-term results possible in 3-5 sessions.

No Pain or Downtime

Currently there are few options available that deliver results without significant discomfort and/or recovery. Surgery may be accompanied by significant downtime and complications. Other body contouring procedures are painful, making treating multiple areas difficult and making patients unwilling to finish subsequent treatments.

Elessa is painless with no post-procedure downtime. The delivery of the ultrasonic beams targets the specific tissue area and leaves the surrounding structures undamaged. Thus, there is no resulting inflammation or complications.

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The Ground-Breaking New Elessa Ultrasound Fat Burning System

-Measurable results afterone treatment
-No pain or downtime
-Ability to treat multiple areas more often
-Flexibility to treat the broadest range of BMIs
-No consumables

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