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A truly non-surgical procedure, the Sculptra Butt Lift has revolutionized the way butt lift procedures are performed throughout the nation.

Enhance and lift your buttocks with a true non-surgical procedure, the Sculptra Butt Lift. Sculptra is a wonderful option for those who desire a fuller derrière without surgery. The Sculptra Butt Lift is special dermal collagen filler that works progressively to stimulate collagen growth and add volume back to the skin. Since Sculptra works over time, this gradual thickening of the skin will add visible volume to the buttocks area that looks incredibly natural.

Who is the Sculprta butt lift for?

Widely know physician in metro Atlanta Dr. Ken G Knott says that Sculptra buttocks augmentation procedures have become a big part of Youth Enhancement Systems. “It’s a bit of a modernization of beauty standards. Five to ten years ago people wanted to be skinny, with the smallest possible buttocks. That has changed,” says Dr Knott. According to Dr Knott, the Sculptra butt lift can help pretty much anyone who seeks a moderate increase in size and projection. “Women with what’s called a depressed buttock lost their ligament support that holds up the buttock as in a younger person, We address this by injecting Sculptra into the fatty layer right above the muscle.” Because Sculptra helps the skin build its own collagen, it can really work wonders by plumping up thin, sagging skin. Sculptra can also help in cases where the patient doesn’t want a bigger buttock area, but wants to smooth out alot of dimpling.


There are several distinct benefits of Sculptra Butt Lift procedures instead of a Brazilian Butt Lift, including the following:

  • No anesthetic injections are necessary
  • Wonderful for lean patients desiring a fuller, shapelier behind
  • Short recovery time
  • Subtle, natural looking results
  • Limited interruption to your daily life
  • Procedure can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes
  • Provides a subtle lift and volume to the buttocks area


First, topical lidocaine is applied to the area to be injected. Once the skin is numbed (usually after 30 minutes), Sculptra is injected to the upper buttock with very small needles. Depending on the desired level of augmentation, most patients require about three treatments, six weeks apart. Although results can be noticed as early as six weeks after the treatments, the optimal outcome is not noticed until about six months after the procedure.

                         Injecting Your Way to a More Shapely Behind

This Is What It Looks Like When You Get a ‘Sculptra Butt Lift’

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